Breakfast with Lucy馃崏

砖转驻讜 注"讬
There are so many people in Israel that admire you. They will be so happy to hear about you
There are many questions and would be happy that you will answer what you can.
聽?How do you see the connection between nature and the runner
For me, the connection I find with nature is the strongest when I am moving; not necessarily running but just moving as nature intended. Our ancestors moved through nature, respectfully but also out of necessity and I like to think bak to these times when am running. Nature provides opportunities to realise how small we are in the world, our problems and how strong mother nature is. I find it very grounding and humbling. I love it.
聽 ? What motivates such a young woman to run
I think my motivation has changed as I have continued to run. At first it was for fitness for other sports, then it was to share time with my Dad, then for personal growth, then completion but always a deep passion to explore what I am capable of and where I can go with my feet. Curiosity I guess is the short answer.
?聽Do you really think we are "born to run鈥
I do! If you look at the way we are built and how natural it is for young kids to run you see that it brings us jog, strength and fulfilment. As we get older we get further and further from our roots and more about being comfortable.
What is your philosophical outlook on running? Are you a free spirit?
?is itpleasure or love for nature? Or are you competitive
I feel that I am very connected to the movement of running, When I run I find myself in a meditative space. Often after races people will ask me what I think about for all those hours and I can never respond. Its a time for me to think or not think, to feel empowered, to focus on me and obstacles and problem solving. I love the feel聽 of the motion, the nature, the people and sometimes I like to put a bib on but I don鈥檛 feel it is necessary !
Nutrition: I noticed that you keep a distinct diet Can you tell me about its聽
?unique qualities
I follow a whole foods plant based diet. Sometimes referred to as vegan. This eliminates any meats or products of animals (eggs, milk, cream, butter, cheese). I eat a high fruit and vegetable diet with beans, nuts and seeds! I try to eat more from the earth then from a packet !
?聽As a woman, how do you view your femininity when聽you are聽running
It is a to occupation. How do you characterize yourself in this tough and
?competitive world
I think there is a real shift for women in running happening at the moment and this is really cool to be amongst. I think that young girls and women are seeing the potential for this sport and that they too are build to run. It can be tough but I think thats the challenge that makes the rewards so much sweeter. I am really motivated to help this movement and show the world what women can do.
?聽Why do you think a woman has to run Ultra
I don鈥檛 believe anyone HAS to do anything. In can be for curiosity, strength, fitness, empowerment but the amazing this with ultra running is that you find that people have to REALLY want to do the sport to complete the distance because it鈥檚 long and can be tough so most find a deeper passion.
?聽What essential tips can you offer women who want to run Ultra
聽!I think a big boundary for women is feeling unsafe on trails so I recommend starting with friends or a group and getting comfortable with this feeling of being surrounded by nature. This also helps build the routine and increases the enjoyment and fun
?聽What is your father's influence on your running
!When I was 15 my Dad signed up for a 100km event and he was training hard for
this event. I started to see his adventures on the weekend so I decided to join him; first on bike and then on foot. It was so cool to do these long runs on the weekends in some beautiful places just talking about school, work and life. I then ran the 100km with his side by side for 12.5 hours and I haven鈥檛 stopped since
?聽Besides your father, who, in your opinion, is the ultimate runner聽聽
.I think anyone who dares to put on some shoes and go out running is the ultimate runner. No one is better then anyone else, we all have our own challenges and in this crazy world to find time to put your shoes on and just 鈥榤ove鈥 is a hero
?What is your personal goal
!My personal goal is to continue to bring out my best self and also help others find their potential. I want to keep exploring the world, connecting with people from all communities and eating plants
? Is Ultra your profession or are you studying in addition
Currently I am just running full time but I plan to study in the future!
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